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Okay we've all been there. The kids are home all summer and you've run out of ideas to not only keep them entertained, but to keep them busy! Fear not! We've got the solution for you: subscription boxes. These boxes are not only educational, but they're also extremely entertaining! And what kids doesn't LOVE getting a package in the mail!? These boxes are also great birthday holiday gift ideas because it's something year round that your kids will enjoy!

For those that don't know how things bad dogs work, it's pretty simple. Really smart and creative people put together boxes each month based on a variety of interests so you don't have to! Find a box (or two or three) that will has the sort of activities your kids love doing (and activities you want to do with them), and sign up to get a box mailed either every month or quarter out to you. Then each month when the box comes in the mail, you'll have an instant activity or project you can do with your kids that not only keep them busy and entertained, but help create memories together all the while creating an atmosphere of learning that can't be beat!

This summer we tried several boxes and want to share with you all some of the best we found and our kids enjoyed! Be sure to give them a looksy and tag us in photos of you and your kids enjoying your boxes!

1. The StoryBox

Okay so not everyone has time to go through a Barnes and Noble, or the patience when inside to pick out an age appropriate book for your kids. That's where StoryBox comes in. They select the perfect books for your kiddos! What's more, is that they send a Parents' Guide to go along with the book that has ideas for furthering the educational capability of reading a book with your kids. This is a fantastic solution to keep your kids interested in reading all year long! Let's be honest, reading with your kids and your kids building a habit of enjoying a good book is an absolute must! Not to mention it's a great way to build your children's library! Just check out the smile on my kiddo while reading And the Cars Go...!

2. The Groovy Lab Box

If your kids love science, then your kiddos will LOVE the Groovy Lab Box. Each box has a theme and several experiments to teach your kids about the theme. Our them this summer was flight. The activities included high tech airplanes, propellers, motion, and most of all, lots of fun. Each box comes with a packet of information that takes the learning a step further, so even if you're not the next Bill Nye, you don't look like a total fool in front of your kids! There's something wonderful about your kids learning something new right before your eyes! My kids loved getting to build helicopters and rocket ships not even realizing that they were learning throughout the process! This is the perfect box for the budding scientist in your family!

3. Little Passports

Not everyone can afford to fly to Cairo or Beijing this summer! Okay let's be honest, unless your last name is Kardashian or Swift you're not flying anywhere that far this summer (besides have you tried to fly on a plane with a toddler for hours on end!? Yikes!). But that doesn't mean that you can't still give your kids a cultural experience inside the comfort of your own home! Little Passports starts off by sending your kiddos a piece of luggage and a map. That's the start of any adventure. Then each month you and your kiddo take off to somewhere new, getting a taste of the culture, climate, and history. This is a perfect box for anyone who is curious about this great big world! As your kids get older, they have different levels of exploration to keep them interested and learning!

4. KiwiCrate

Thank goodness for the creative minds at KiwiCrate who put together amazing activities for kids of all ages! What's great about KiwiCrate, in addition to the amazing activities, is all of the material they give you to create your own project. While I can definitely appreciate the importance of closely following directions when building an IKEA bookcase, having the flexibility to create our own pinball machine was really enjoyable for my kids. There wasn't a "wrong" way to do something! The finished project has kept my kids busy for hours, taking turns shooting that marble and hoping to land on 100 points! Each month you get a different activity that is bound to keep you busy and explore your creativity!

5. SmartArt Box

I'm not the most artistic dude you'll ever meet. I mean I can make a mean stick figure but that's about it. However, that doesn't matter when you get the box from SmartArt! If you've got a budding artist in your home, you NEED one of these boxes each month! Not only does it teach your kids different artistic skills and techniques, you get a bit of art history with each box! This is a perfect activity that can keep your kids busy and entertained for a while as they work to perfect their projects! While this box is geared for older children, my nuggets still had a blast making some wonderful pieces of art to adorn the front of our fridge!

6. KidStir Box

If your kids are like mine, they love being in the kitchen. Despite how great it is to have them join me in the kitchen, it can be difficult to know how to best have them "help" you will trying to follow a recipe and not have them end up in the ER! KidStir helps give you and your kids easy, delicious recipes to follow and enjoy. You will slowly fill up your recipe book with recipes and ideas, not to mention our breakfast box came with measuring cups and silicone muffin tins and a "breakfast in bed" menu! Get your kids in the kitchen with this smart box that is educational and edible (jk, don't eat the box)!

7. My Pretend Play Box

Of all the boxes my kids got this summer, this one was one of the biggest successes! While it's a bit more expensive than the others, the box comes with not only the ensemble for a perfect costume to play a little make-believe in, it comes with a book and activity. We're not just talking about a fireman's hat here! The kit came with the hat, the coat, the megaphone, fire extinguisher, and jetpack! I had to bribe my son to take it off! It's the perfect box to build your dress up collection and your kids' imagination. It was also a great opportunity to talk about future occupations, dreams, and aspirations with my kids! This is a must buy!

For a more complete review and better idea of what is in each box, check out this VIDEO with Fresh Living.

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