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A Perfect Father's Day Gift

How can I start a Father's Day post without first pointing out what an amazing dad I've got! Everyone loves and respects this man because he is not only incredibly bright and charismatic, but because he is genuinely kind and wonderfully wise. I remember each Christmas getting to spend a Saturday with him going downtown and shopping for a new set of clothes and an extra gift or two. We'd go out to eat and catch up on life. He made me feel like no one else in the world mattered. As We got older his ability to continue making each of his kids feel loved grew. Now I'm lucky that I get to work with him every day and continue to learn from him. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Now if your dad is anything like mine, then you're really going to have a hard time in the next few weeks getting him the perfect Father's Day Gift. It's tough right? I mean what do you get the man that has everything? I set out to find some of the best gifts for dads so that I can make my pops' Father's Day the best he's had- and as a dad myself I was on the hunt for something that I can enjoy just as much! This was no easy feat, but I was up for the challenge and so here's what I've found. Drum roll please.

1. Spikeball. Okay I've talked about these guys before. And the truth of the matter is that they are really good dudes and so I'll talk about them as much as I darn well please! It's part volleyball part handball part crossfit. We recently set up our Spikeball for Memorial Day and spent the better part of three hours taking turns diving around the yard playing this incredibly addictive game. Not only does it foster communication with your partner, sportsmanship, but it's one heck of a workout. I mean I don't know why gyms across the world aren't having Spikeball classes because the workout was real!

2. Mizzen+Main. Listen, I've got a confession to make: I sweat. Not like, oh I just ran a marathon and have a little perspiration, but it's like I walk up a flight of stairs and I've got to change my shirt. Apparently it's in my genes. So I wanted to find office appropriate shirts that wicked sweat away and didn't show anything when the days get hot and my sweat glands are having a parade. Mizzen + Main have solved my problem for me. In fact, their shirts are made of a special blend of fabrics that not only significantly reduce any sweat, but they also have a little stretch, making them incredibly comfortable. Oh, and they don't winkle. I mean it's a goldmine, which is probably why ever men's magazine has featured them as the future! They can be a bit pricey, but they're worth the extra pennies. Use the code "DailyDad" to get free expedited shipping before Father's Day!

3. Twisted Oak Art. Alright, this is the one for the tear jerkers. This artist, and she really is an amazing artist, is able to take a photograph of you and your kiddos and turn it into these incredible paintings. It's the perfect preservation of a memory and moment in time that is both aesthetically beautiful but also incredibly meaningful. And for an original piece of art like this to be so affordable, you can't miss the opportunity to have the dad in your life painted in such a stunning way. This is my favorite thing in my office, and will be for years and years to come. This is an absolute winner!

4. Parabo Press. One of the problems with taking so many photos on our phones is being able to get them off the phones and into our hands! This is where Parabo Press comes in. This company is both online and also just an app on your phone. You can just get prints at such an affordable price, but if you want to make something really special for dad, then use their design tools to make a linen-covered book, or a wall calendar, or a glass print, or photo book. The options they offer do most of the creative thinking for you, so you're in great hands! Not to mention that I really believe one of the best things we can do for our kids is to take photos of us doing stuff together, and then printing the photos for them to have for years to come!

5. Being a Dad is Weird. Alright, if your dad is a reader, then you gotta get him this book. This hilarious and charming book is filled with stories and life lessons from funny man Ben Falcon (Melissa McCarthy's husband!). I love a good book. I love a good book that celebrates fatherhood in a warm and inviting manner, not one that guilts you or makes you feel like you're dooming your kids for poverty and hopelessness their whole lives. This is a great book, an easy read, and something that he can easily take to the pool or the beach and get a good laugh at!

6. BodyGuardz. One of my most prized possessions is my phone. Phones are not cheap, and nothing is more upsetting then breaking your phone's screen or damaging the casing when you drop it. And in addition to being someone who can sweat an inordinate amount of time, but I'm also very very clumsy. I used to not go a single dinner without spilling a glass of milk or dropping food on the ground. So BodyGuardz made a phone case for me, well not me, but human beings like me! Made with the same material as say the Apple Watch sports band, their cases not only offer comfort but unequal protection. And they've developed this new armband attachment so you can just snap your phone easily into place without a bulky band. Great for the gym, working in the yard, or commuting!

7. The Bad Dads Club. I'm a T-shirt guy. I also love wit and good design. So naturally when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw someone wearing a shirt that said "Dad Jams" on it, I stopped in my tracks and hunted down the company that makes these shirts. They've got a little bit of everything on their site and in talking with the owner they make shirts for "Dads who skate, surf, ride, have tattoos and beards and love the hell out of their kids!" I mean is there a better sales pitch out there!? Not only are the shirts well designed, but man oh man are they soft! I've been sporting my Dad Jams shirt for a week now and overtime it goes in the wash it comes out even softer than before! Guys, get the perfect T-shirt for your dad with tats and beards, or if your dad is like me and is afraid of needles and shaves once a week!

8. SprezzaBox. You know how I feel about subscription boxes. They're genius! The concept is that if you don't know what to get the dad in your life, but you know he likes to look nice, then get him this box of goodies. It's $120.00 in products for a sixth of the price. If you were planning on getting dad a tie, then get him a SprezzaBox instead! For the same price you'll get that tie, plus some socks and accessories! These products are specially curated by designers and industry leaders to give you the cutting edge accessories for your fashionable father. Why do I love this so much? Well it's simple: the boxes are easy and affordable. They'll send you five or six items in each box and you don't have to sign on for an entire year or anything, you can give it a try and decide how you like it. This is truly a genius system that is bound to solve the age old question, "What should I get dad?!"

9. Iconoclast Bags. You ever have the experience where you connect with someone and you're just like, "Man, that is a rad dude!"? Well that's how I felt when I contacted with Tony, the creator of the Iconoclast Bag. Listen, the problems with most diaper bags are that they often look feminine or they are too specific to being a diaper bag that after your kids are out of diapers, you don't really have use for it anymore. These bags are the total opposite. First, I mean come on- they've got waxed canvas fabrics that are awesome to look at. Even Mario Lopez is sporting the bags! Secondly, while they are perfect diaper bags, when your kids are out of diapers, you've still got the bag to use. It helps keep those memories of being with your young kids alive! Get out there with this dope bag and really start turning heads!

Okay so you've got my list of gift ideas! Hopefully they help give you some ideas how you can make your dad's father's day the BEST one he's had yet!

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