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Summer of '77 Family Bucket List

Alright gang, summer is readily upon us and with that freedom comes the impending boredom! Stave off the complaints and whining by participating in the Daily Dad's Summer of '77 Family Bucket List! 1977 was the summer of Star Wars Episode IV and Saturday Night Fever, so naturally it's the inspiration for this year's summer to do list! This Family Bucket List has a little bit of everything, and it's for all ages (even for the "Please don't talk to me in public" teenagers!). It's a mixture of service opportunities, outdoor activities, learning experiences, and memory-building fun. Most of it's cheap cheap cheap! And let's be real, it's just nice to have something to keep your kids busy besides the TV.

So join the fun with the Summer of '77 Family Bucket List, I mean everyone is doing it [cue peer pressure]. It's easy enough: just print off the bucket list, put it on the fridge or cork board or get a mini version to put in your wallet next to your family photo and blockbuster card, and then get checkin some items off the list! This list isn't mean to be daunting or shame-inducing! It's only meant to serve as a jumping off point for you and your family to have a full and fun summer! Send me your pics of you and your kids out and about checking things off- I wanna see the fun y'all are having!

We can't talk about summer without talking about a few tips to keep it SAFE. Don't let the memories of this summer be of a tragedy or the sequel to the seven shades of sunburn (oh geez Chase, that's ominous...)! Here are a few reminders I can hear my mom gentling offering before I head out on an adventure with my kiddos!

1. Prepare for the Weather. Don't forget your sunscreen, rain gear, change of clothes, closed-toed shoes, or whatever else your nugget might need based on the weather. It's always better to be a bit over prepared than underprepared. Why do you think cargo pants were invented? Okay they weren't invented for sunscreen when you're out and about with your kids, but it wasn't totally out of the picture. Bottom line: Be Prepared!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. I can't emphasize this enough. Do not forget to keep your kids well hydrated. I heard somewhere once or twice that when your kids say they're thirsty, they're already dehydrated. I can't verify that because I don't want to feel badly about being a dad who dehydrates his kids, but just remember how important water was to Adam Sandler's character in the movie Waterboy.

3. Stranger Danger. I remember being told his grown up and because it rhymed, it stuck with me. If you're going to spend time at a waterpark or fun center or even at the park, remind your kids of some basic safety precautions. Don't talk to strangers. Pick a meeting spot in case anyone gets lost. Police officers and fire fighters will help you if you're in danger. You know, the stuff we were taught as kids and now have the responsibility to pass on to our own!

Okay dudes! Let's go out and have an amazing summer with our families! Mix it up- don't get stuck in a routine doing the same things every day! Use this Bucket List to help get a little creative and make some amazing memories! Lastly guys, let's be safe!

Oh and check out this little segment I did with the friendly people at Fresh Living! Click HERE!

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