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2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

The time has come to celebrate the dad in your life and I've gathered up some of my favorite products to share with ya'll. It's so hard to find the perfect gift for my dad because I always want to knock it out of the park, but that man has everything. So I've searched high and low (and mostly on Amazon) for the best gifts to get your dad! No, this is not a paid post (although if you're a company and you wanna pay me, feel right ahead to give me a ring!). I legit just love, LOVE these products and am the sort of guy who just wants to share nice things! I'm not like a regular dad, I'm a cool dad. Whether the dad(s) in your life have a newborn or are great grandpas, there's a little something for everyone in here! Give your dad something great this Father's Day because let's be honest, he absolutely deserves it!

Take the screen with you wherever you go! Listen, I don't mind sharing my phone or iPad with my kiddos when we're out and about, but this home theater projection gadget is a game-changer! There are more than 120+ hours of entertainment already built in, including videos and stories from Disney. I love that there are book on this thing that you can project onto the ceiling and read together with your kids! Not to mention it links to your Amazon Video and Netflix accounts so when the kiddos go to bed you can throw up an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and eat a bowl of cereal with your special someone!

Listen, there is nothing worse than having to make an extra trip to the local grocery or pharmacy to grab some blades so you don't hack your face up while shaving! Cue the incredible shaving service Harry's. They send you blades each month and they are $2 a blade! Such a killer deal! Oh and they've recently released body washes and bars of soap that are just the best out there. I love their kits too! So if you don't want to get a whole year's worth of razors and shaving cream, just get your dad a box! It comes in such an impressive looking box, you'll be sure to get that fatherly nod of approval!

I've talked about SpikeBall before and I'll talk about it again. THIS. IS. SUCH. A. FUN. GAME! It's the wonderful combination of volleyball, handball, and crossfit. We recently set up our Spikeball for family spent the better part of three hours taking turns diving around the yard playing this incredibly addictive game. They recently came out with SpikeBall Rookie, with a bigger ball and net that makes it easier for your kiddos to play! This is a great workout and a great way to be the cool dad on the beach or at the next neighborhood bbq!

I recently got into grilling because, you know, I'm a man [I'm not sexist here people, so don't flood my inbox with mean comments, I'm just messing around!]. There's nothing like that feeling of turning on the grill, throwing on a steak or set of pork chops, and letting the smoke and smell wash over you! Meater is the perfect gift for dads who masterfully man the grill. This is the first wireless smart meat thermometer! It allows you to check the temperature of steak, chicken, pork, anything you put on the grill with just checking your phone. You download the app and BOOM you've got the perfect way to make the perfectly cooked meal!

Don't go to the local clothing store and just get your dad a tie. That's so 1999. We can do better, and with the help of Sprezza Box, we're going to really impress the dad in our life with not just a tie, but a whole new style! It's $120.00 in products for a sixth of the price. The products in these boxes are specially curated by designers and industry leaders to give you the cutting edge accessories for your fashionable father. Sprezza Box will send you five or six items in each box and you don't have to sign on for an entire year or anything, you can give it a try and decide how you like it. If your dad has good style, or perhaps needs a style boost, get him a Sprezza Box!

I could have easily posted every product from Lander as the go-to product for the dad who loves camping, hiking, fishing, and not being too far from his phone! Lander is the perfect company that brings technology outdoor and in style. I love the Cairn lantern. Not only can you control the light settings from the app on your phone, you can use the lantern to CHARGE your phone! String the lantern on the roof of your tent or lie it flat on a table and illuminate your campsite for hours on end, all the while charging your phone 4 times over! If you like being outside and you gotta have your technology, then make sure you check out with Lander has to offer!

I recently got a new phone and one of the first things I did was get my screen protector from Body Guardz. Don't settle on subpar protection for your device! The BodyGuardz screen protectors are 2x stronger than any leading competitor and for clumsy guys like me that tend to break things, they offer a free lifetime replacement for all broken screen protectors. Not to mention they've got cases and workout accessories to give your phone the ultimate protection! Apple, Android, carrier pigeon, they don't discriminate and will protect it all. Except pigeons. They're a phone company guys.

For the dads that have everything, get them something absolutely custom! I love the idea of getting the dad in your life something totally unique, nothing you can get from a Radio Shack (are those still around?)! Cucire Threads will make your dad something he's never seen before, but something that he'll treasure forever! They make awesome needlepoint pieces with anything you want on it! My nieces and nephews call me Cha-Cha, so this custom piece is now one of my favorite things I own. Be creative and get your dad something that is equal parts artistic and sentimental!

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