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Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts for Kids!

​Buying Christmas gifts for kids can be DAUNTING- but with some helpful tips, it can also be a great opportunity to knock it out the park! One of my favorite memories growing up is spending a Saturday before Christmas shopping with my dad. He was a very busy attorney at a large law firm in Salt Lake City but would take time to spend a Saturday with each kid before the holidays. We would spend time shopping at the downtown mall and grab a bite to eat. I don't remember any of the gifts we bought, but I remember the time we spent together! One year, we were about to pick up my brother from the airport as he returned home for the holiday and stopped at a gas station to get our hostess treat and soda (it was my dad's and my thing) when my dad was approached by a homeless man asking for some money. Without even thinking, my dad opened his wallet and gave him some cash. I asked my dad why he did that and he said, with a bit of disappointment in his tone, "Chase, it's Christmas. Of course we give when we can!" In that spirit, I want to give you a few tips for buying gifts for your kiddos this holiday season!

1. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Don't ask your kids what they want for Christmas. You're setting yourself up for disappointment. Kids change their Christmas list on a weekly, even daily basis. My nephew has already written multiple Christmas lists! Instead, ask your kids questions like who their favorite Disney princess or Marvel superhero is. That way you can get them a gift about that princess or hero. For example, my little girl loves LOL dolls. I didn't tell her what specific toy she wanted, I just knew the type of toy she wanted, so that gave me many more options! I love some of these options:

Frozen 2 Into the Unknown Elsa

Elsa’s scene from Disney Frozen 2 is celebrated through music and lights. Elsa is dressed in her stunning purple nightgown straight from film. Doll sings Elsa’s powerful song and says 14 film-inspired phrases. Dress lights up in gorgeous pattern inspired by this dramatic film moment Inspired by Disney Frozen 2. Kids can relive their favorite scenes and story moments. A

Disney Princess Playdate Ariel

Kids can pose and play with Playdate Ariel in many ways for the best playdate ever. Styled in a story inspired top and skirt, Playdate Ariel has long stunning red hair. Includes: a doll with removable top and skirt, dinglehopper brush and tiara.

Harry Potter Hedwig Interactive Creature

Harry Potter fans can now play with their own interactive Hedwig! There are 12 unique owl sounds that Hedwig can make. Hedwig also responds to sounds by turning her head.

2. FIND INTERACTIVE GAMES: Get your kids something they can play with you and their friends with! I love the idea of getting games where you can play with your kids, so that you're spending time together and not just having them play with something alone in their room. It's also great so that when they have friends over for a playdate, they have something fun to do with them as well! Two birds- one gift! Get them some of these great options for you and him or her to enjoy together!

Slap Ninja

Test your reflexes. Who is faster: the Student or the Ninja Master? Choose to be the Ninja Master protecting his coin by using his huge karate chop slap against the student or be the student trying to tap the coin before getting slapped. Defeat your opponent three times and they get zapped.

Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin Racers


Fueled by a powerful pull-back motor, Knuckle-Headz simulates medieval jousting with a few modern twists. Six exciting new collectible characters face off in a battle to see which can keep its head. Define the battlefield, aim your vehicle at your opponents, pull back for maximum momentum, and let them zoom toward each other. Direct hits result in the loser’s head popping off about 12 inches. Reset your spring-loaded characters head and face off again.

3. GET THEM SOMETHING EDUCATIONAL: There are so many games that kids play that don't really teach them a whole lot! Instead, get them at least one toy or game that will teach your kids something. I love building something with my kids like a pirate ship or a mechanical robot! Don't miss out on the opportunity to teach your kid a new skill with gifts from National Geographic or the Smithsonian, or of course any crafting gifts that help your kids develop their talents!

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