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Remember when you were younger and you had that LOOOOOONG cord from the phone that allowed you to take your land line (that's like a cell phone but glued to your wall for you younger kids) around your house? Or you had to quickly finish your dinner to be ready to watch your regularly scheduled TV program that started right at 7:00 PM? Man those were the good old days! I'm so glad I was not born in the 2000's because I don't think I would have been able to navigate technology as a kids like kids today are expected to.

You cannot escape technology in today's modern era. That also means neither can our kids. Many of our younger kids were introduced to technology even earlier than we may have wanted with online school during the pandemic. Kids are beginning their relationship with technology at younger and younger ages and navigating how to create a healthy relationship between your children and technology takes some serious effort.

Here are a few tips to help start the relationship off on a good foot or to correct and heal unhealthy relationships that may have already formed.


A lot of people mistakenly think of technology as simply a toy. Be it video games or tablets, cell phones or the internet, the internet to kids is as exciting (if not more) as hot wheels or barbies. However, hot wheels and barbies do not stand to harm our children nearly as much as technology can. Think of technology as a living, breathing, gnarly creature that you are bringing into your house to interact with your kids. This means you need to be even more vigilant about monitoring the usage (much like a new puppy in the home but worse because technology doesn't give puppy cuddles), helping make sure that there are appropriate and clearly defined rules, and knowing when something is becoming unhealthy. You have to keep an eye on this relationship every day to make sure that it's not developing into something dangerous or reckless.


Why did you bring this piece of technology into your home? Was it to help make communication easier? Are you trying to help keep track of your children's whereabouts? Does your child need to be able to work on school work at home or while away? Whatever the purpose is will drive the application and rules surrounding technology. Keep in mind that an honest parent likely wouldn't say, "I want my kid to spend less time with the family, be bullied by strangers, and post inappropriate messages or photos on the internet." Those may be the untended consequences though if the intention of the technology is not spelled out clearly.


Have you ever bought a new car and there are so many bells and whistles on it you do not know what each button on even the steering wheel does because you're just focused on getting from your house to work each day? Technology may have so many more bells and whistles than what you need the technology for. Keeping your technology safe means keeping it simple. This is why I love devises that aim to giving you the necessities without the potentially dangerous bells and whistles.

I love GABB Wireless because they keep the technology problems at bay while still making sure you give your kids the technology they need. I am so thankful there is a company out there like GABB that is making technology safer and more accessible for kids without creating problems. There is no unnecessary internet access or social media on their phones and watches. Let me say that again- YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR CHILD TALKING TO STRANGERS ON TIK TOK WITH GABB! You are able to monitor the devises closely and frequently. They are built for the parent that wants to keep in contact with their kids without their kids making contact with strangers on the internet. My kids love their Gabb watches and they also have been learning to be responsible with their cell phones. I love knowing that I can talk to my kids and check in on them without worrying if that connectivity is costing them their safety.

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At the end of the day, and this blog post, the key for us all to remember is that our kids deserve a childhood. They deserve to be KIDS. We don't need to rush them into adulthood (btw you guys, taxes suck). We can keep them connected to the people they love while also keeping them safe. Technology is a relationship with the kids. It's like getting a gnarly wild animal and bringing it into your house. You wouldn't just let us stay unchecked and without rules or it would run a muck! So too we all need to be hyper vigilant to ensure that our children are safe!


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