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Diaper Bag Necessities

Ok so we've all been there: out in public with our son or daughter, and we hear their tummy rumble, the thunder from down under, and the witches brew brewing. We make eye contact. We know and they know we know that they're about to blow. In the ensuing moments we realize that we're sans daiper, wipes, and hope. The child erupts, all down the legs and up the back. People begin to stare with their noses scrunching and their eyebrows passing judgment. What happens next often leads to intense therapy.

To cut down on those embarrassing moments (and who knows how many hours in the therapist's chair) we've put together a few necessities to put in every diaper bag. We get that the bright floral-patterned bags don't often go with our Def Leppard tee-shirts and leather cutoff jackets. Fear not, there are many options for dudes to buy a diaper bag fitting for a dad. Below are some of our favorites, along with some suggestions for what to put inside them!

Okay so this is the basic package: diapers, wipes, a changing pad (because Lord knows you might end up having to change that diaper where a poopy bum wouldn't be the dirtiest thing touching the surface), and a paficier to help console the troubled toddler. This is also known as the "oh crap" kit.

Once you've got the basics covered, it's time to up your diaper bag game by bringing along some of their favorite things: some snacks, a book, a sippy cup, and a few small toys. This way if you're stuck in an area for a while, you've got it covered. This is also known as the car dealership kit.

Now it's time to show off: you got some bandaids for any bumps or bruises, kiddo cutlery in case you end up at a pub with only hazardous weapons at the table, some hand sanitizer because of the mess taken care of by the "oh crap" kit, and gum to share at the park. This is also known as the out-on-the-town kit.

Oh, going for Dad of the Year? Well here's your kit: extra clothes in case you need to just change it up mid-walk, some tissues for boogies, eye goop, tears, or a Lifetime movie, sunscreen in case you head out to the beach, and the kid's blanket to just be extra special. This is also known as the Rolls-Royce kit.

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