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Holiday Gifts for Dad!

Ho ho ho how are you doing with getting that perfect for the dad in your life? Let's be real, getting the dad in your life the perfect gift is a daunting task. It's like asking Cindy Lou Who to save Christmas from the Grinch without her braided pigtails or being able to sing "Where Are you Christmas"! So I got to work and spent WAY too much time online looking for the best gifts for dads. I've sorted them out into the following three categories because they say you should things in threes, like candles on a mantel or celebrities who die around the same time of each other:

1. Gifts for Outside

2. Gifts for Inside

3. Gifts for the Office

Also, I just gotta say, I am not being PAID A DIME to share these ideas with you. I genuinely believe in these products and think that they're great options for the dad in your life. If you're not wild about these ideas or these brands or you think that brand X is a better option than brand Y, then just use this post as a jumping off point to get the gift that's perfect for YOUR dad (and don't send me hate mail, I'm a lawyer, I get enough of that). And with that I present my best Holiday Gifts for Dad 2016 List (and the crowd goes wild!):

1. Gifts for Outside:

Alright I'll just put this out there: I'm not the most outdoorsy dude. I've been outside. It's how I get to my car to drive to places to do stuff indoors. But I understand that quite a few dads out there do spend time outside and I've even heard of dads called "Outdoor Enthusiasts" which sounds really scary. Notwithstanding this disclaimer, the following gifts are AWESOME, even for me.

Spikeball is one of the most fun games to play outside with your kiddos, your friends, or your worst enemies. These guys were on Sharktank and survived. That's how hardcore they are. It's a mix between handball and volleyball and four square. Despite what the photo depicts, do you not play this horizontally. I tried. It's a great workout AND it's something all those who don't pick their noses can play. Sets aren't that expensive, depending on how hardcore you want to be, and the truth is what more could you want to give dad than something he can play with year round!?

Mr. Lentz is basically the John Wayne of handmade leathered goods. Dudes, these have a 100 year guarantee. That's longer than most of the world will LIVE! And they've got a bit of everything: wallets, passport holders, notebooks, belts, and bags. Does the dad in your life wear a cowboy hat (or WANT to be the guy who owns a cowboy hat)? Then you gotta check out Mr. Lentz and see what he's got to offer. And take care of your leather goods with his leather oil to keep those goods looking good (see what I did there?!).

I've heard of this thing called camping and apparently people are able to spend a significant amount of time outside and away from electrical outlets. This is made possible by companies like Lander. They make portable phone chargers, USB cables, and phone cases that even the most extreme hiker couldn't break. Their phone cords glow in the dark and are basically impenetrable, and the chargers can completely charge a phone in no time. And the cases? Stylish AND protective. This makes camping doable and enjoyable as you get to bring your phone, iPad, etc, with you wherever you land. It's a win-win and you guys gotta check them out.

2. Gifts for Inside:

I love stuff that kills to birds with one stone. That's an expression, not a confession about a proclivity for killing. I'm a really nice guy and while I have seen Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, I don't want any bird to die. What's great about these gifts is that they serve a dual purpose: getting something that dad (or the house) NEEDS and also something that dad WANTS or will want once he gets his hands on them.

First, let's talk grooming. No dad wants to be told to spend a bit more time in the bathroom getting ready in the morning. I know it's a delicate balance! So I like the idea of getting shaving kits for your dad. Harry's is a great company that provides excellent shaving kits but also gives you the option to sign up for replacement razors to be delivered to your home! Guys, we wouldn't have to go to that monster grocery store! We could just wake up, grab a razor and shave without worrying about if the blade is going to do permanent damage! Also, dudes, they offer a free trial. Hello!

Next let's talk clothes. No ones wants to be the one to talk about it, so I'll dive right in: underwear is awful, well most of the time. That's how I felt until I stumbled upon Tommy John (Kevin Hart actually told me about it, well not me directly, but talked about them in a video he knew I'd see, well a video he posted to his millions of followers). They are so soft and there ain't no uncomfortable adjustments that you gotta make throughout the day. Not to mention they've got jackets and shirts and joggers. I live in my Tommy John's joggers and jacket. If you want to get dad something that he'll definitely be silently grateful for, get something from Tommy John's.

Finally, when you become an adult and start paying off your student loans, you begin to look at life a little differently than you did before and you decide it's time to start investing instead of going to Taco Bell. That's where Brooklinen came into play. I actually saw an ad for them on Facebook and accidentally clicked on the photo but was so grateful I did. Their sheet sets are outta this world. I mean the stuff of legit aliens who specialize in comfortable sleep. I love my set of sheets and the duvet cover. Also, I have a duvet now. This is a gift your dad will appreciate every night he crawls into bed and every morning when he rolls out of it. You gotta try out these sheets. You'll thank me.

3. Gifts for the Office.

Okay this isn't really a super accurate description of the category, but I was thinking home, outside and then where else does dad spend a buttload amount of time? The office. So these gifts are the ones that are pretty much just for dad and yes, they can certainly go in an office! The office represents those things that are JUST for dad, things that the kids won't get their grubby little hands on and ruin or that are subtle ways of saying start showering. They're also some of my favorite gifts.

I love subscription boxes (see article I wrote on Subscription Boxes for Kids). So it's no surprise that one of my absolute FAVORITE gift ideas for dads is giving them a subscription to Quarterly. Quarterly is the stuff of dreams. If you don't know exactly what to get your dad, but you know what sort of stuff your dad likes, then you gotta hook him up with a specially curated box from Quarterly. Example: Dad likes exercising. Quarterly gives dad a box with protein powder, fitness journals, TRX straps for working out, and protein bars. They have so many options to choose from it's like a gold mine of unique stuff at a fraction of the actual cost. Boom. Problem solved!

Passion Planner takes something so mundane and routine and makes it cool. How can I say this? Well I use one of their planners everyday. They've got academic planners, dated planners, and undated planners, so you can really pick one up year round and be set for the next 12 months! I love the leather cover and that ink doesn't bleed through the pages. No one likes having to keep track of their weekly appointments, but Passion Planner makes it doable and also leaves room for notes, tasks, goals, etc. for each week so you can be the most productive you've been.

Last, but certainly not least, is Parabo Press. I should have bought stock in this company because I am single-handedly propelling this company into the pages of Fortune. Listen, I take a ton of photos, mostly of my kids and food, but also of car accidents, spilled popcorn, and people I think look like famous people. One day I decided to go swimming with my phone in my pocket and poof, all my glorious photos were gone. I hadn't backed up; I wasn't in the cloud. Parabo Press takes your photos off your phone and onto prints, calendars, books, you name it and they'll do it, except make Chinese food. I've asked. Get your photos printed in the best quality and as often as you can! And it's cheap cheap!

Okay friends, so go out and make dad proud this holiday season with gifts that say, "Hey dad, I didn't just buy you a screwdriver from Home Depot or a CD you won't ever listen to!" Get him something he'll enjoy year round and that won't break your wallet!

Also, I got to share these products LIVE on the show Fresh Living- so be sure to check it out because you'll see them in action and will get a better feel for why I love them so much! CLICK HERE for the segment! Happy Holidays to everyone out there, and especially all you awesome dads!

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